I am a conservative Republican, always have been.

My personal philosophy has been consistent throughout my career— to ensure the lightest possible hand of government in the lives of citizens and businesses. I believe in empowering individuals to live their lives without undue regulatory interference, and firmly believe free enterprise, rather than government, creates economic opportunity.

I am a rancher and a businessman, and have weathered many economic storms. I know what it’s like to compete globally as an American business. Idaho is a model for how a conservative and fiscally responsible government allows the free market to prosper. While government can provide good roads and a solid education for our young people, it is individual entrepreneurs and businesses— unencumbered by red tape and high taxes— that create jobs.

Idaho will lead America into the future. Recently, in Twin Falls, an individual entrepreneur constructed the largest yogurt plant in under a year, creating 600 jobs. That only happens in places where state and local government empowers opportunity.

I have seen firsthand what this country allows the motivated citizen to do. If one is willing to work hard, they can build a better life for their family. And nowhere is there a better example than the state of Idaho. I will fight to keep it that way.


Unfortunately, the federal government’s irresponsible spending and gridlock is causing America’s economy to stall when it could be charging forward. Idaho must be ready for the future shocks when the federal government finally tightens its belt. The best thing we can do is continue to expand our economy.

I am proud to serve as Governor Otter’s Chair for Project 60. Project 60 is Idaho’s plan to grow the state’s gross domestic product to $60 billion, and create thousands of new, good-paying jobs by helping existing businesses grow and by attracting new businesses to Idaho.


My father always told me the one thing that cannot be taken from you is a good education. Our fast-changing world will require more skills to succeed in this competitive environment.

Public education is a constitutional requirement Idaho must fulfill and it is this generation’s duty to provide quality educational opportunities for the next generation. Our obligation is to offer our children a better education than we received.


Taxes must be fair, simple, predictable, and competitive. Government already takes enough of your hard-earned money. Raising taxes is never a solution to a problem. Government must be lean and efficient, and use your hard-earned tax dollars with utmost responsibility.

There is waste in government and we must be relentless in making government leaner and more efficient. If we continue to lower the cost of government and grow the economy, we can lower taxes for everyone.


The 2nd Amendment in Idaho is a sacred trust between the federal government and the people of Idaho to bear arms. Guns are important to Idaho’s economy and way of life.

I am a member of the National Rifle Association and I will fight against the federal government’s attempts to limit our right to bear arms.